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The Glamour of Limelight:
Robby Krieger Band at Anderson's Fifth Estate

November 4, 2001. It's Game Seven of the World Series, New York is at Arizona, and The Robby Krieger Band is at Anderson's Fifth Estate in Scottsdale, AZ. Phoenix has a new major league baseball franchise and who would have thought the series would stretch out to seven games?

The Diamondbacks win it all in the bottom of the 9th inning and the folks at Anderson's go wild. We could not have asked for much more. There was more.

After much celebration, Robby Krieger, guitarist and member of The Doors walked on. Could the night get much better? As if the night wasn't memorable enough, The Robby Krieger Band, along with an elated audience, managed to set the night on fire.

Putting words to this article somehow doesn't do justice to the music and magic that came together that night. The band performed Doors material, instrumental jazz such as Robben Ford's "Revelation" and compositions from Krieger's latest album, "Cinematix."

Indeed it was a feast of friends, for it seemed that there was no other place to be but Phoenix that Sunday. It gives me great pleasure to showcase some photos from this event in Mediaburn's "Photo Coverage" section.

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