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Arizona After Dark:
Robby Krieger Band at Anderson's Fifth Estate

October 20, 2002 - It's World Series Time again.

Echoing last year, the Robby Krieger Band has scheduled a Sunday night show in Scottsdale, AZ. This year, Arizona's major league team didn't make it to the World Series; it was all about California this time around...

We didn't know for sure who would take the Series. We did know some Southern California musicians would take the stage and perhaps perform "LA Woman".

Robby Krieger, the Doors guitarist and co-founder, gave Arizona another great time. Many familiar faces gathered at Anderson's Fifth Estate. Robby Krieger's father along with a few others close to the band visited the club that night. Some new faces joined us as well, receiving a fine musical introduction.

This tour comes during breaks in Robby Krieger's schedule with the re-united Doors. The classic band has recently played some dates with Stewart Copeland on drums and Ian Astbury on vocals. Nevertheless, when you see a Robby Krieger Show, plenty of Doors music comes your way. From the Willie Dixon jam, "Back Door Man" to "Moonlight Drive" to "LA Woman", the crowd got plenty of classics. The playlist also included jazz, surf and instrumental music from Krieger's most recent album, "Cinematix".

Opening for Robby that night was The Crimson's, a local band that gave a great, high energy set.

If the Robby Krieger Band comes to a club near you, go and have a good time. This is also a musician's band. You will get an evening of MUSIC - improvisation along with excellent composition. Each band member is quite accomplished and comes highly recommended by this reviewer.

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